How to unblock your website or blog link on Facebook 2021

 unblock your website or blog link on Facebook

Social media is the largest pillar of digital marketing, and Facebook in particular is the largest social media platform on the web. It probably plays a vital role in sending "visitors" traffic to your website. If this is the case, blocking the URL of your site link or your blog on Facebook is sure to cause great damage to your site!.

But fortunately for you, your blocked site link can be unblocked on Facebook. In this topic, we will explain why this ban is caused by Facebook, and what are the steps and ways you can do to try to get your website back into the platform if your content has been removed on Facebook. كيفية إلغاء حظر رابط موقعك أو مدونتك علي الفيسبوك 2021

How to unblock your website or blog link on Facebook 2021

Let's start today's topic.

Why does Facebook block your website or blog link completely?

Facebook is a popular platform for sharing website content such as posts, blogs, images and infographics.

Why is Facebook Banning Your Website Link?

Often, regular users and business accounts can perform these practices without problems. However, Facebook may reserve the right to block content that may be harmful to users of the platform. This includes spam and links that may lead to malware and viruses.

If you see a sudden drop in referral traffic from Facebook or you can no longer create posts with your link to your site, there are a few things that may have already happened:

  • A violation of Facebook's Community Standards. Facebook has certain rules and laws regarding what users can post. To name a few, Facebook users cannot sell firearms or share misleading content to the public. If you violate one or more of these guidelines, your site link may be immediately blocked by Facebook bots.
  • Facebook's algorithm made a mistake. Due to the scope of the platform, it would be impossible for human employees to verify every Facebook page. So Facebook uses an algorithm to find spam and other types of content that violate its Community Standards. If there are too many links to your site, it may mark your site link address as spam and your link will be blocked.
  • If your site is infected with malware. It is possible that your site has been hacked without your knowledge and that it already contains malicious code “viruses” that Facebook has recognized in which case it will ban your site immediately.
  • Another account reported your site link. It is also possible that someone has reported your website to Facebook. And he may have made a mistake, or malicious parties hoping to harm your business may send false reports.

It may not be important to know exactly why Facebook is blocking your content or your site link, because the steps to unblock your site link on Facebook are the same in all cases. However, knowing the possible cause can help you avoid having to go through this process again.

How to unblock your website link on Facebook in just 3 steps!

The way to unblock your website link on Facebook is fairly simple. Despite that, a large percentage of the ways to unblock your site link is out of your control, so you must be patient, here is the correct way to unblock a site on Facebook.

Step 1: Verify that Facebook has already blocked your site link.

First, we recommend checking to make sure that your site link has already been blocked on Facebook. We don't want you to go through the trouble of sending reports if that's not really the issue we're having.

To check, you will use the free Facebook tool to check for errors:

Facebook error checking tool to unblock your website link

Write your website or blog link here. If it has been blocked by Facebook, an error message will appear stating that Facebook cannot review your site because it does not follow the Community Standards:

The results of the tool to check your site on Facebook to unblock the site link

During the scan, you should check and check your website link for viruses or any malware. Your site may have been hacked without knowing it, and this is something you need to address ASAP as it may do more harm than actually blocking your site link on Facebook. On the other hand, if the results are clean, photograph them so you can send them to Facebook if necessary. .

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Step 2: Review Facebook's Community Standards and make all necessary changes to make your site fit these standards.

Before we think that Facebook has blocked your link in error, you should review Facebook's Community Standards and Privacy Policy to make sure that you haven't inadvertently violated any of them. Otherwise, your appeal will likely be rejected and you are wasting your time.

Facebook's Community Standards are available in a way that is fairly readable, and not boring to review. Though, there is also a quick way to check your business page for recent violations.

Go to your Facebook Page and find the Quality tab page. . . This will show you any violations you've committed so you can resolve them:

A tool for checking the quality of your Facebook page

If everything has been checked and you have not found any issues, warnings, alerts or any violations of the Community Standards, you can move on to submitting a request to unblock your Facebook link.

Step 3: Submit your website link to Facebook for review.

In the event that your site does not suffer from violations of Facebook standards or does not contain any kind of harmful material and viruses, you can submit a request to review the reason for blocking

Your site and unblock it through the Debugger tool.. Click on the link labeled Notify us in the error message as shown in the following image:

Message facebook to unblock

By clicking on the link highlighted in yellow, you will be transferred to a simplified form explaining the reason why your site was blocked by mistake and requesting a review of the site again and unblocking your website link, see the following image

Request to unblock your website link

Unfortunately, because Facebook reviews reports online, there is no guarantee that your message will be answered or the issue resolved.

You can try to resend your appeal to block your site link, but an important warning should be taken into account not to spam Facebook support in order to solve the blocking problem so as not to increase the problem.

In the event that you are not able to do the previous step and use the Sharing Debugger appeal form, you can try to contact Facebook via other support methods. Like the Facebook Help Center and the Facebook Business Help Center.

It is possible to send a report that contains more details and clarifications by clicking on the button at the top of the right side of the screen and selecting Help and Support, from which we click on Report a Problem and choose an error occurred:

At that time, the window that appears in the following image will open, where you can write your message to Facebook support, in addition to higher capabilities such as including screenshots or page quality reports, virus scan results, hack files, and any other data that helps strengthen your position in front of Facebook from For the speed of unblocking your site link.

facebook support form

 As we have previously explained, you must be patient here as well until you are contacted through the support team from Facebook or unblock your site link.

Consequences of blocking your blog or website link on Facebook

Banning your blog or website link on Facebook may cause great damage to the process of marketing your site through social media.

There are many reasons for the ban, but it is common in most cases that there is a violation of the community standards on the social networking site Facebook.

To unblock your website link on Facebook in just 3 steps, follow these steps:

You must first check whether or not your site has been blocked on the social networking site Facebook through the error correction and examination tool.

In the event that you do not read the Facebook Community Standards, you must review them and make sure that there are no updates to the Facebook policy that you do not know about, and check the quality of the page on your site on Facebook.

You must send your website link back to Facebook for review, via the many methods we've already talked about.

If you have any questions about how to unblock your website or blog link on Facebook, you can write them through the comments form below the topic.