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RevenueHits Review


Let Your Site Generate Maximum Profit for Minimum Effort RevenueHits is the simplest way to convert your digital assets 
into income property

One of the most successful solutions for comprehensive self-service available in the industry, RevenueHits supports a wide variety of ad formats including:

Display &Rich Media (in various banners sizes and formats);
Text Ads;
Pop-Ups & Pop-Unders;
Apps & Widgets;
XML Feeds.
With a massive volume of 2 billion ad impressions every day, RevenueHits helps you effectively target and reach exactly the right audience, at exactly the right time. Our user-friendly product comes with an intuitive dashboard that you’ll find simple to use. Monetizing has never been so easy! Experience The Full Service for publishers and profit from the many benefits we offer.

Our dedicated team for The Full Service is available to help monetize your online assets, so that you can generate increased revenues from your advertising space. Using our smart technology, we gain a sophisticated understanding of the interests of your target audience and customize the ads for your site.

The Highest Referral Bonus In The Industry! How does it Work? Every publisher you refer to us is automatically registered under your name.

For a publisher with monthly revenues up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year;
For a publisher with monthly revenues over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year. Start now!

Company Name: RevenueHits
Payment Frequency: Weekly, NET30
Country: Israel
Payment Method: PayPal Skrill Payoneer Wire
Minimum Payment: $20
Site Info:    
Commission Type: CPMPOP